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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

BTS (behind the scenes) iykwim


So readers, exactly before one year ago at this moment I wasn't into kpop thingy well I do watched Korean dramas and listened to kpop songs which I bluetooth-ed from my friend's but kpop was not my forte.

Facts about me before June '16 :
  • I listened to kpop songs but mostly ost for kdramas
  • I can barely differentiate idol's faces they all look the same!
  • I think boy groups are soooo gayyyyyy!
  • I was into 2PM but only Wooyoung (thanks to Dream High) and I know their fandom is called HOTTEST
  • I only knew Taecyeon, Nickhun (and of course Wooyoung)
  • Of course I know JYP!
  • and BIG BANG! and 2NE1! and SNSD! and Super Junior! and f(x)! wow that's a lot of 'and' (but not every member!)
  • I also get to know INFINITE because L was so good looking in Master's Sun (and he still is)
  • I know SISTAR except Dasom
  • D.O was my first bias in EXO so I only know his name lol
  • BTS? nahhhh just another typical korean boy group (even after watching DOPE MV and War Of Hormone MV)

So here comes my story of how I ended up stanning these seven dorks called BTS/ Bangtan Sonyeondan/ Bulletproof Boy Scouts... what a crazy names right? I am a twitter person. I scroll twitter like 24/7 to get to know what's happening around me so a year ago, on early June, during my study leave for final exams and also it was during Ramadhan, I always encounter hashtags like #BTS3rdanniversary #2016BTSFESTA #BTS #BTS #BTS #BTS and #BTS so I got curious. Then I go to youtube and search for BTS' MV and download three most viewed songs at that time as mp3 which are 'Boy In Luv' (quiet irritated at the "Luv" spelling but at that time only) 'Dope' and 'Fire'. My habit while studying is to listen to songs and when 'Boy In Luv' is playing I was so attracted because the chorus is soooo catchy. And another habit of mine is when I like a certain song I'm gonna repeat it until I die *lol*. Then, I tried to look at the MV and guess what I loved it so much and Jimin was my first bias because Taehyung and Jungkook are too cute too handle! I don't like to compete guys....

So, from 'Boy In Luv' MV to 'Fire' to 'DOPE' to 'War Of Hormone' to 'Forever Young' to 'RUN' and the list goes on! I make a research about the members and memorized their personal infos (god i don't know why I was so into them!) watched all their MVs and fandom and stuffs. Then I tried to share this interest with my bestfriend in Malaysia and guess what? She is already an A.R.M.Y (BTS' fandom name) wayyyyy earlier than me. I was so glad I have someone to share this crazy and childish interest with me (haha).

I thought this thing of me getting crazy about a young boy band is temporary but as time goes by I only get to know them more and more and fall for them more and more. After finishing my finals, I went back to Malaysia and continue fangirling(haha) by watching their concerts, and reality shows and I also like to answer those bts quizzes at youtube(lol)

On October last year they made a comeback with WINGs album and the tittle song which is "Blood, Sweat and Tears" got sooooo much love from the world to the point that I get jealous! I don't like to share them with many girls. Actually no, thats not the case. I only get jealous and insecure when my friends(I mean person I know) who previously didn't stan them, now starting to like my boys as well! My insecurity continue to grow when they release extended version of WINGs with two amazing MVs 'Spring Day' and 'Not Today'! More people start to love them! Its good for them but not for me!

But you know what, I shouldn't have such competitive feelings towards other ARMYs. I'm working on it you know! 13th June 2017(which is today) is my boys fourth year anniversary since they debut! and of course marks my first anniversary as an ARMY!

I've only been with them for one full year yet they already got sooo many big awards! and those moments are only when I already become an ARMY. I am such a lucky charm you know *lol* Recently they won at Billboard Music Awards against Justin Bieber! Selena Gomez! Ariana Grande! and Shawn Mendes! For Top Social Artists Awards. I think this is the end of my story so till then! (btw I use so many exclamation marks in this entry, forgive me huhu)

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