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Monday, 13 July 2015



I'm one of a narcissist people on earth (hehe) and I just googled my own blog so I am typing my url and just realized that this url is no longer valid! Because originally this url is inspired by my nephews and niece name adam-azam-alia but we just welcoming our new cutie pie family member Aisyah Ramadhani on 2nd of July 2015! Aunty still have no chance to meet baby aisyah because aunty kan tak balik raya heishhhh! So what should I do? Should I change my url to include aisyah's name? Aunty takut aisyah merajuk kalau tau nama dia takda share sekaki haha tau2 je laa anak bongsu ni emo lebih (just like me).

*no photo attached sebab waktu pantang belum habis*

Nama baby ni aku rasa part Ramadhani tu aku yang sumbangkan sebab I did ask my sisters about what will be the baby's name and I'm making a joke like is-it-Nia Ramadhani? The popular actress carrying bawang merah,siska (oh i still remember it though!)  role in super long indonesian drama Bawang Merah Bawang Putih,,,, since my sis' labor is during Ramadhan mubarak. And she replied ya I also wanna put something like that. And aisyah I don't know where she got it maybe because Che Ta's daughter is also aaisyah (haha). I bet so because her 3rd child's name Natasya is also inspired by Dr Halina's 2nd daughter. But for me i really love the name of Aisyah because its the name of one of ummahatul mukminin, prophet's pbuh wife!

Inshaallah Aisyah Ramadhani is as good and pure as her name plus she is born in the month of barakah. Ameen. Hope to meet you soon baby! She must smell so good ohh I just love baby's smell.

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