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Friday, 24 April 2015

I need motivation

Exam is just around the corner and one of my exam syndromes is updating my blog. I am aware of this !?

But yeah I do need some motivation right now and nobody understand ourselves better than ourselves. So I am gonna write me a letter.Haha! Hashtag forever alone...errrk

Dear myself,

Please manage your stress well. Don't follow others that makes you feel bad about yourself. You have your own way just like before! You only need to add a lil more hardwork. Just a lil more! And that's enough already.

Never forget that "Allah mengikut sangkaan hambanya." If you're positive about your future, Allah The Most Merciful will make it positive. If you have faith that Allah will answer your doa, yes Allah The Most Powerful will make it into reality.

Always hold onto these two

1. O you who are patient, bear a lil more. Just a lil more remains.

2. Nothing is difficult if you seek through your lord.

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